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    Be very very cautious of anything from the US government that involves the words 'human trafficking'.

    The feminazis in US are getting very upset that american males are marrying foreign woman in ever greater numbers and will do anything to force you to marry ameriskanks.

    To this end they are deliberately linking prostitution with abuse of women with marriage to foreigners and calling it all human trafficking. They are also putting it about that foreign women who marry american women are more than averagely getting beaten and abused by their husbands, although there is asolutely no evidence for this. I attach a press release from a pro-fem organisation on this very subject.

    July 4, 2004 -- To gain bipartisan support for the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, we endorse the strategies of (1) using "womens' protection" as the main theme of the law; and (2) claiming that American-based marriage brokers are part of global human trafficking rings, however unfounded.

    We also support provisions of the Act that will require brokers to conduct large quantities of consent verifications and background checks. These financially cumbersome provisions will make it very difficult for American-based marriage brokers to remain in business. In addition, this law effectively places "warning labels" on American men thus decreasing demand for them among foreign women over time.

    Although this law is long overdue (and hopefully not too late), we welcome the Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2003 as a means to regulating the often arrogant and brazen international marriage broker industry. This industry has gone from the fringe to the mainstream. The American male population is now overly exposed to the message that it is acceptable to desire and actually marry women "unspoiled" by American materialism and most troubling, "uninfected" by American feminism. This message may impede the progress of feminism here at home and give American men the idea that it is acceptable to not respect feminist principles that took so long to instill upon them.

    The marriage broker websites promulgate the "message" that American men are highly desirable outside the U.S. and can have access to women not intent on upholding over 30 years of hard won womens' rights. These sites also offensively elaborate on the reasons for rejecting American women as part of a campaign to promote the desirablity of foreign women. We find this to be most appalling.

    Certainly, the existence of this industry is indicative of the sad state of romantic relationships between men and women in North America; however, it by no means should be allowed to continue unregulated.

    You heard it here first...