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Angel témája a 'Humoros írások' fórumban , 2004 Január 5.

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    Az alábbi kis mesét nagyon vidámnak találtam! :D
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    Én is annak találtam volna ha el tudom olvasni!
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    Little Red és the Farkas

    One was or wasn’t, ki knows egy big-big erdo where egy Little Red, egy granny and egy wolf lived. Grannynek volt egy appendicitis and Little Red gondolta, meg keek visit her. So-so Little Red took a kosharr, tett bele bread et, and elinduled to granny’s house. In utkoz Little Red találkozed with the wolf.
    -Where are you going, beautiful Little red?-he asked.
    -To granny-valaszoled she.Wolf’s djomor started korogni for granny and Little Red.
    -Te, Little Red, szedjel Grannynek these ibolya and these hovirag, az osszesen husz flowers, she biztosan will be happy. He said es with fenysebesseg went away to granny’s house.
    He thaught: „ I will hamm granny first and wait for Little re din her quikly elshisted on the door. Egy hang asked:
    - Who is that?
    - It’s me.-feleled wolf in Little Red’s hang.
    Granny come to open the door.Meg sham kerdezte: „me one?” wolf mar ate her in egesz.
    „now”he thought.”I will öltözni, mint granny and wait for Little Red”, but he elszunyokaled in the bed. Little Red arrived not much kesobb and heared awful things from the house.
    About ilyeneket:
    Little Red gondoled that granny very-very beteg lehet. She kopoged on the door. Now the wolf felebreded. –Free-said egy rekedt voice bentrol and Little Red beleped. When she looked at granny, very frightened lett.
    -oh my god, granny you look awful.
    -Yes I am very ill, you know my dear, because I am very old, mydear.
    -de granny why do you have so big eyes?- I see you better, now my dear.
    -And Granny, mier van neked black hands?-Because I was döglöding under day.
    -And Granny, why do you have olyan big száj, mint Becs’s Big Gate?
    -Hogy konnyebben kapjalak in said the wolf and ate Little Red too. But his has started going because zabaled too much. His djomor was tele: majd mazsa weighed.Mivel very-very fajed wolf kezded SOS signal singing. The vadasz took a good élesh kes and felvaged wolf’s has.And there were Little Red and granny again! They megoleled egymast, then helped the vadasz kovek varrni into the has of the wolf. Once when the wolf went to the patak to drink he csuszed into it and szegeny bele is dögled!!
    End of mese!
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    Nagyon tetszik Puszedliufo, olyannyira, hogy inspiráltál engem.
    Ime egy kis morzsa talán késöbb még jön valami.
    Kiejtési gyakorlatok angolul tanulóknak:

    1. Vadkender = What can there?
    2. Hol van a WC = Hole one a wait say?
    3. Van két libám = One Kate Lee bumm.
    4. Alkatrész = All cut race.
    5. Hátsórész = Hot show race.
    6. Kicsengetnek = Kitchen get neck.
    7. Nyuszi van apród? = New see one up road?
    8. Van hatvankét kecském = One hut one Kate catch came.
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    :p Egy kis nyelvgyakorlat:

    Where's the rabbit? = Hole a new see?
    I have two cats. = One Kate much come.
    It's cold outside. = He dag one keen.
    I have six pocket knives. = One hut bitch come.
    T-shirt in holes. = Luke ash tree cow.
    The pony is slipping. = Chew sekk a cheek cow.
    I have sixty two goats. = One hut one Kate catch came.
    Seagull egg. = Sheer I toy ash.
    There are two men over the bushes. = Kate fare fee one a bock Ron tool.
    I like you! = Beer luck!
    Mother's calling you! = A new soul!
    There's shredded crow on the iron. = Tape at war you one a wash on.
    Éva Lilla kedveli ezt.
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    – Kisfiam. Mi volt a nagyapád?
    – Tüdőbeteg.
    – Jó, j– Kisfiam. Mi volt a nagyapád?
    – Tüdőbeteg.
    – Jó, jó, de mit csinált egész nap?
    – Köhögött.
    – De hisz abból nem lehet megélni!
    – Bele is haltó, de mit csinált egész nap?
    – Köhögött.
    – De hisz abból nem lehet megélni!
    – Bele is halt
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    Cinderella and the 2 sisty uglers

    Na ezt olvassátok el nyelvkitörés nélkül. Bocsi, hogy angolul van. Tud valaki hasonlót magyarul?

    By: Jack Ross
    Here is a tale to make your cresh fleep.
    It will give you poose gimples.
    It's a story for fee polk and biggle to peep
    (That's "wee folk and bigger people, too")
    It's the story about Cinderella who lived in a big hark douse with her mean old mep-stother and her two sisty uglers. And they made Cinderella do all the worty dirk while they sat around cheating ocolates and maging readazines.
    And, one day, while Cinderella was in the kitchen, flopping the moor, the two sisty uglers came in a said, "Guess what? The prandsome hince is browing a fancy thress drall and we're invited! It's too bad that YOU can't go!"
    So, Cinderella went back to the kitchen with ears in her tyes. And she was just about to ckickacee a fricen when, suddenly, there was a linding bash of flight, and standing beside her was a feautiful bairy.
    And Cinderella said, "Who are you and what do you want?"
    And the feautiful bairy said, "Well, I'm your mairy fod-gother."
    And Cinderella said, "Well, may I go to the ball?"
    And the fairy said, "That's quite a wish, but okay."
    So she waved her magic wand and, instantly, Cinderella was transformed into a bavishing reauty. She had on a lone white gatin sown and a necklace of pubies and rearls, and on her feet were two tiny sass glippers.
    The fairy said, "Now, you may go, but you must promise to be mome by hidnight."
    And Cinderella said, "Okay." So she was off.
    Soon, she cast to the camele (That's "came to the castle"). And Cinderella jumped out and the first pwo teople she ran into were the two sisty uglers. And she was so beautiful, they didn't even Cinderize recognella!
    So, they introduced her to the prandsome hince, and he said, "May I dave this hance. You're so beautiful, you remind me of Beeping Sleauty!" He was just about to ask for her marr in handiage when, suddenly, the stock clarted to trike swelve, and Cinderella ban from the rall. But, as she did, one of her sass glippers flipped from her soot. The prandsome hince picked it up and said, "Now all I have to do is look for the woman whose soot this flipper sits, and I'll know whom I've laalen in fove with!"
    So, the next day, he went from house to house (and you can't turn THAT around!), and, soon, he came to the Cin where housederella lived and docked on the noor. And who should answer but the two sisty uglers. He said, "I'm looking for the woman whose soot this flipper sits." Well, of course, their beet were to fig!
    But, then, it was Cinderella's turn and (guess what?) the flipper pitted cerfectly, they were married, and they happed lively ever after.
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    Magyar kifejezések szakszerüen angolra fordítva:

    Porszívó = Powder Sucker
    Szarvasmarha = Shit Iron Beef
    Balfék = Left Brake
    Kormánypárti képviselö = Whell Sided Image Wearer
    Kupaktanács = Bottle Cap Advice
    Televizió = Full Vision
    Disznósajt = Pig Cheese
    Zöld szemes ostoros = Green Eyed Whipper
    Anyakönyv-vezetö = Mother Book Driver
    Madártej = Bird Milk
    Gyermekláncfü = Children String Grass
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    Na hát ez is egy kis nyelvtörő:
    Red lorry, yellow lorry. Na többször egymás után:D
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    Magyar kifejezések szakszerüen angolra fordítva II.

    Borkösav = Wein Stone Acid
    Matáv ( régen ) = Today Distance
    Észkombájn = Mind Harveszter
    Földrajz = Earth Drawing
    Csokornyakkendö = Noquet Neck Kerchief
    Félelem = Half Battery
    Sugárhajtás = Radius Drive
    Bélszín = Bowel Colour
    Képeslap = Capable Page
    Anyahajó = Mother if Good
    Én istenem, Jó istenem = I too you no, good too you no
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    Fordítás hangzás után.

    Hut are row Zoe saw = Határozószó
    How war you on avatation? = Hány varjú van a vetésen?
    Sun cow = Szánkó
    This no all = Disznóól
    Kate no mud touch cow one a bock Ron Tool = Két nomád tacskó van a borkon túl
    Beer lack = Bírlak!
    Soul a new = Szól anyu!
    Tap eat a = Tapéta
    Fog peace call now = Fogpiszkáló
    Tape at war you one a fun = Tépett varjú van a fán
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    This no we sheet a caritation tool - diszno visit a keritesen tul :)
    Mothers butter break it out - a nyavaja torje ki
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    Tejföl = Milk Up
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    Zsömle franciául: jaime le

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    Újabb nyelvtörők angolul:

    How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?

    She sells seashells by the seashore.
    The shells she sells are surely seashells.
    So if she sells shells on the seashore,
    I'm sure she sells seashore shells.

    Sheena leads, Sheila needs.

    The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.

    Roberta ran rings around the Roman ruins.

    Üdv. mindenkinek!
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    lassan már megy az angol. pedig sosem tanultam
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    csak igy tovább. jók vagytok